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Zone Technique in Windsor, CO

True Family Chiropractic • Dr. Ryan Weisgerber D.C.

What is the Zone technique?

Our brain is made up of 6 different zones that control and regulate different systems of the body. By analyzing 6 points on the back of the skull a certified chiropractor in the Zone technique can determine what zones are not in balance.

By stimulating 4 areas of the spinal chord the chiropractor can bring the zone back to balance. The body can now self regulate and self heal again. This helps with all kinds of health issues including headaches, back pain, sleeping problems, low energy, and weak immune function to name a few.


How does it work in the practice?r

The chiropractor examines to see which Zones are out of balance. He/she feels 6 specific points on the back of the head. The hardest point which feels the most tender also to the patient is the one that needs to be balanced. That Zone has 4 specific areas along the spinal cord that need to be stimulated to re-balance the Zone.

Once the areas are stimulated the Zone is back in balance and that point on the back of the head is no longer tender. When the brain and body are in balance health issues disappear.

Here you can see how each zone relates to your body and mind:

Artboard 2

Zone 1

The glandular system

The body’s thermostat

Artboard 3

Zone 2

The elimative system

The body’s detox system

Artboard 4

Zone 3

The nervous system

The body’s communication system

Artboard 5

Zone 4

The digestive system

The body’s energy system

Artboard 6

Zone 5

The muscle system

The body’s movement system

Artboard 7

Zone 6

The circulatory system

The body’s delivery system

The six zones according to Dr. Thurman Fleet

The Zone technique was developed back in 1931 by Dr. Thurman Fleet. The American chiropractor was way ahead of his time.

In later years the Zone technique was further developed by Dr. Peter Goldman. He teaches this technique to chiropractors who are looking to get the very best results with their patients. A doctor of chiropractic must do a course and become certified in order to practice this technique.