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Tina H.

Tina H.

Our whole family comes here! We always feel much better after our adjustments and feel like we are very informed of the care we receive here!

Carrie G.

Carrie G.

Dr. Weisgerber is highly professional, trustworthy and caring chiropractor. Straightforward and patient when explaining issues and treatment.

  • I’m have always suffered from lower back pain and never gain any good knowledge from my past chiropractors. I can tell you that as soon as I came in for my appt with Dr. Weisgerber I saw the expected. Customer service is by far one of the best I have experienced.

    Charlotte S.
  • Dr. Weisgerber has been in this office for five years and is extremely dedicated to his practice. He gives a fast and efficient assessment of where the pain originates. Such a relief to walk out without pain. I feel taller and my body is relaxed all the way from my neck down to my lower back. The decorating updates to the office are inviting and very tastefully done.

    Sue B.
  • Very welcoming and knowledgeable. It was my first time really getting adjusted and felt amazing! Will be coming back!

    Whitney G.
  • Had a great adjustment by Dr. Weisgerber. I was in a lot of pain, and now I am feeling much better. I definitely recommend visiting Chiro Now.

    Scott R.
  • Great place! Always friendly and helpful! I go every week and feel amazing afterwards!! Highly recommend!

    Kiara R.
  • Great adjustments, no wait! Dr. Ryan is personable and knowledgeable. I love that they are open on Saturday until 2 pm.

    Scott R.
  • Dr. Ryan is wonderful to work with. I always get great results and friendly service at an affordable price without having to wait. I wish all doctors were so easy to work with.

    Andrew W.
  • Went in Yesterday morning, was in and out within 15mins!! Had good relief yesterday and GREAT relief today!!

    Dorinda B.
  • Dr. Ryan is a fantastic adjuster! Even though you can just pop in, get adjusted and leave, he still takes the time to get to know his patients. The adjustments only cost $20, but you are treated as though you are paying for a $50 adjustment. I highly recommend Chiro Now and Dr. Ryan.

    Kevin M.
  • Excellent service, and very competent doctor. I highly recommend it!!

    Andrea A.
  • Visited for the first time with annoying pain in my shoulder, shoulder blade and serious tenderness below my underarm. Explained my symptoms to Dr. Weisgerber and he immediately had me sitting on the adjusting table doing a variety of arm movements. In less than 60 seconds he had the problem diagnosed and went to work! Turns out I had a few ribs tips that were in need of resetting. I was in and out in 15 minutes and no pushy pleas for me to return. Great experience and I will be back!

    Chad H.
  • Love the massages by Brenda, she takes the time to get to know where to focus on! She never disappoints!

    Juanita M.
  • Quick, clean and effective!!! The way he adjusts is different from any other chiropractor I have ever seen and it worked amazingly!!! I’m sold! Best $25 bucks I’ve spent all year!!!

    Lauren W.
  • Every time I visit because of back pain, he is available in a timely manner, makes the adjustments in my back & I feel immediate relieve!!!! GREAT TO HAVE HIM IN WINDSOR!!!!!

    Keith M.

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